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Elephants and ivory

Elefanti e Avorio

Killing of elephants because of their ivory is not over yet. A  multi-billion euro business is still flourishing on ivory-trade while elephanths’ killing  keeps going. We support the end  of legal and illegal ivory trade.  International legislation such as CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species)  has important gaps and poor competence on enforcement and sanctions. This means that today elephants are not fully protected through international law  and therefore States should act by introducing a straightforward domestic legislation banning the import and trade of ivory. Some States are more advanced than others. The European Union (EU) is still negotiating a new Regulation on this matter.

Animal – Free Meat

La carne sostitutiva

The transformation product which will save the Planet and the Climate without killing billions of animals per year. Animal- free Meat –  also called Lab-Grown, Cultivated or Clean-  is expected to be placed soon on the  European and global market. How it is made? Watch the Video from MosaMeat – a cultured meat start-up based in Maastricht (NL) Go to Green Impact Visibility Hub to learn more about the recent developments and the positive impacts associated to replacing conventional meat with Animal-free meat.

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carne fatta in laboratorio

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