Welcome to the world of Green Impact

We are a team of professionals wanting to contribute to transformative change.  We believe that collective action stemming from an innovative inter- disciplinary approach can generate winning and ethical solutions. We work with authoritative experts, NGOs, Foundations, business, scientists, public authorities and innovators to deliver solution-oriented policies and real change.

Animal Protection

it is acknowledged that Animals are sentient and conscious beings and they deserve respect and protection by society. A global agenda on animal welfare truly integrating the most recent ethological knowledge in compulsory legislation is urgently needed.

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Halt Biodiversity Loss

Today 8 million animal and plant species are estimated on the planet and 1 million of them are threathen with extinction ( 2019 UNEP). Time for a transformative approach to the use of natural resources.

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Transformative Green Economy

Conventional sustainability policies are under scrutiny. An impact – oriented multidisciplinary approach linking ecology with economics is urgently needed.

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Innovation towards Animal - free Solutions

Technology and scientific innovation play an increasing critical role in preserving the planet. Transformative and paradigm-shift based products and tools are needed to minimise the human impact on the ecosystems

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