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Chaining of Dogs – Toward the Prohibition

Update July 2022


When adopted, bought, rescued, or acquired, the perspective of facing a miserable life on chain is still a possibility for the ‘human best friend’, regardless of its breed, sex, and age. Despite an increasing public consciousness about animal welfare and the ethological needs of animals, today several thousands of dogs are kept in chain for a long time, often for life, in most of the EU countries.


Animals have no voice in the human world except through human advocates, and therefore it is crucial that the laws aimed at protecting and respecting them should be designed in a clear and solid manner.

Handling and managing animals under human care should be dealt with a great sense of responsibility and respect towards their biological, ethological, and psychological needs.
This report is aimed at guiding policy-makers towards introducing better and science-based legislation, where it is necessary. Effective legislation should be based on the respect of the welfare, ethology, and health of animals.
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