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Animal Protection

Animal Protection

Woldwide several policies do not reflect current ethical perspective and knwoledge about the nature of animals. We work at enhancing the legal status of animals in society and disseminating state – of – the art  information about their ethology and needs.

Towards prohibiting the chaining of dogs

Chaining dogs is still possible in some areas of Europe and worldwide. This report is aimed at guiding policy-makers towards introducing better and science-based legislation, where it is necessary.

Effective legislation should be based on the respect of the welfare, ethology, and health of animals.

This is the first report produced by Green Impact and Save the Dogs on this matter.

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Companion Animals

Companion animals share the daily lives of humans and are considered their best friends. However a lot still needs to be done to secure their proper protection.

Wild Animals

Wild animals have a specific role in securing the preservation and functioning of the ecosystems, however the current human impacts are driving them towards an unprecedented  extinction rate.