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Pets and Social Justice

Pets and Social Justice

Woldwide several policies do not reflect current ethical perspective and knwoledge about the nature of animals. We work at enhancing the legal status of animals in society and disseminating state – of – the art  information about their ethology and needs.

Towards prohibiting the chaining of dogs

Chaining dogs is still possible in some areas of Europe and worldwide. This report is aimed at guiding policy-makers towards introducing better and science-based legislation, where it is necessary.

Effective legislation should be based on the respect of the welfare, ethology, and health of animals.

This is the first report produced by Green Impact and Save the Dogs on this matter.

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Pedigree Dream

The phenomenon of puppy trafficking is silent but continuous in Europe and other countries. The main motivation fueling the trafficking is the human ambition to buy a purebred dog. This desire leads to massive dog breeding, the exploitation of mother dogs, endless journeys in trucks and vehicles under unacceptable conditions, the counterfeiting of documents, the illegal sale of prematurely aged puppies, and often death before reaching their destination. Behind the purchase of the purebred puppy, there can hide a spiral of mistreatment, illness, and death. The business is multimillion-dollar and managed by various entities who, in an organized manner, ensure the birth and delivery of puppies in response to a growing demand.

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Green Impact for Animals Affected by War

With a fundraising campaign, Green Impact has decided to make a tangible contribution. We support associations that are active in providing rescue, shelter, food, veterinary aid, and adoptions in areas where there are conflicts and wars. The suffering of animals in conflicts is indescribable. Let’s help them together. With a donation, you can make a difference. Your donation will reach the associations present in areas affected by conflicts and wars, providing immediate assistance to animals in need. Support the campaign and share the project!

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Horseless carriages

Innovation in urban transport without giving up tradition. Electric carriages without horses: a safe modernity for passengers and for traffic, powered by renewable energy and not by the anachronistic exploitation of horses. A model to be exported to Italy, France, Spain, the USA, and all other countries where this modernity has not yet arrived, despite being available for a long time.

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France adopts a new law on animal welfare

Approved on November 18, 2021; entered into force on December 1, 2021. The law introduces multiple changes that are illustrated below and compared with the current legislation in Italy. Some provisions have immediate application, while others have a timeline ranging from 2 to 7 years from the enactment of the law (December 1, 2021).

Please read the information sheet.

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