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Green impact is a not-for-profit startup promoting transformative practices that are ecological and economic in nature. The key objective is to preserve and restore the balance of the planet as well as to support innovative knowledge and culture to advance animal welfare both for domestic and wild animals. Green Impact promotes solutions that have a multi-disciplinary socio-economic impact in its mission to safeguard the environment, animals and their habitats. The channels to achieve this key objective are innovation, science, technology and legal measures. Together with our network of experts we take pride in delivering both legal and technical solutions that lead to real change. We make all our solutions available to the international Community of interested stakeholders thus for enabling  and accelerating a collective move towards change.

Animal Protection

Science has proven that Animals are sentient conscious beings who deserve the respect and protection of society. The world urgently needs a global agenda for the kind of animal welfare which is based on the most recent etholological findings supported by compulsary legislation.

Halt Biodiversity Loss

Today 8 million animal and plant species are estimated on the planet of which 1 million are threatened with extinction (2019 UNEP). The time has come for a transformative approach as to the use of natural resources - an approach based on halting biodiversity loss and prevention.

Transformative Green Economy

Conventional sustainability policies are under scrutiny. An impact – oriented multidisciplinary approach linking ecology with economics is urgently needed.

Innovation towards Animal - free Solutions

Technology and scientific innovation play an increasingly critical role in preserving the planet. Transformative solutions and a paradigm shift are needed to minimise human impact on the ecosystem.


Effective sustainable policies and ecologically responsible businesses constitute an essential backdrop for Green Impact’s success. We think “out of the box” when it comes to science and technology – how to tackle the most challenging problems affecting nature and animals in contemporary society. The Circular Economy, UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, a Global Animal Welfare Culture are all crucial challenges ahead. We believe that collective action stemming from an innovative and inter-disciplinary approach can generate both winning and ethical solutions. We work with authoritative experts, NGO’s, Foundations, businesses, scientists, public authorities and innovators to deliver real change.

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    Where are the quokkas? New study explains what happened to the “happiest animal in the world”
    In a new study, published this month in the Journal of Zoology, researchers at Vanderbilt University demonstrate evidence that invasive species, most notably foxes, were likely responsible for the dramatic decline of quokkas over the past century. Find out more.

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