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Halt Biodiversity Loss

Stop and Prevent Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity is the variety of Life on Earth in all its forms. It comprises the number of fauna and flora species, their genetic variation and their interactions within complex ecosystems.

Despite reiterated international policies setting reduction targets, nowadays the magnitude and speed of the planet’s biodiversity decline is unprecedented.

Elephants and Ivory

Green Impact works – in partnership with ELIANTE and in collaboration with LEIDAA – to promote Italy’s support to a EU Regulation strictly prohibiting the trade of IVORY therefore banning the import and (re)export of ivory. Each year, at least 20.000 African elephants are killed  for their ivory. The African elephant populations are being extincted in many areas of their range. The EU has a direct responsibility since, contrary to China, USA, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Israel and other countries- has not yet closed the internal  market for these products.

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A new EU Regulation is expected by summer 2021 after more almost 4 years of negotiations.