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are common goods

Forests are under attack – the EU is burning world forests for producing Energy.

The tragedy of the common good ‘forests’ is promoted by the EU Directive on Renewable Energies.

Discover why burning forests for energy use is anachronistic, against sustainability and public morality, it breaches EU international commitments as well as causes high risks.

to public health and it pollutes the atmosphere.

Forests are not ‘Renewable Energy’

Main Briefing To protect nature and the climate, we must reform how bioenergy is treated in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive

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New EU Forest and Nature Laws deserving rapid implementation  –  more coming soon!

Deforestation – free products, EU  Regulation: Link 

Climate change... and global biodiversity loss?

The solution is the protection and the restoration of forests.

In the EU and other countries forests are being burned for the production of energy (wood biomass) which is defined as renewable energy – but it is a fake – the burning, and the consequent  biodiversity loss are increasing the  manmade environmental impacts on the planet  – wood biomass should  therefore  be removed from the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

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Insights by Zoltan Kun

Expert in conservation of natural  protected areas, forests, soil and climate. He works with international research institutions and on forests restoration programs. He is a member of World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and Transboundary Protected Area (TBPA).


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