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Ukraine emergency

The Green Impact’s aid to animals in Ukraine.

Thanks to a running a crowdfunding on the portal Eppela, Green Impact is supporting a few selected facilities in Ukraine , to give immediate and concrete help to animals.

The war in Ukraine is dramatically devastating the lives of millions of people, but among the victims there are also thousands of dogs and cats and other animals. Many animals have been taken away by fleeing people, but many have remained in some facilities or displayed on the territory. These animals- and the people desperately trying to take care of them – urgently need help: food, clean water, veterinary drugs, veterinary assistance, shelter from the cold.

Through a growing network of contacts on the territory and with international organizations and thanks to the fundamental support of Anastasiya, a collaborator of Ukrainian nationality and to the first donations received, we were able to help the Ukrainian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians  (USAU), the Happy Paw Dog and Cat Foundation (which in turn supports other shelters for stray animals in Ukraine), a kennel in Lviv kennel and a shelter in Dnripo.

However there is still a lot to do, with your donation you will give us the opportunity to reach and increase the target of the fundraising, now set at 2000 euros, and give more help to animals that can not escape the war.